Let's get you started with szeeta

1. Onboarding and logging in

To create a new account you will need a web3 wallet and later you can link your google account or any provided option for logging in from any device easily

1.1 Why use a wallet for registration?

Szeeta is an application powered by blockchain technology to provide secure transactions, transparency, and trust. For this, every user must have a wallet address to interact with the blockchain and also to be used as a unique identifier. Also when using this application, we use your signature for authentication without passwords. This ensures more secure authentication cause the signature is unique to your wallet address's private key. And also all the events are recorded on-chain so you will need your wallet to edit sensitive information about your event. For example, if you need to change the address that receive contributions, you will need to sign a message to prove your identity.

1.2 Do you need to have funds in your wallet?

NO. if you know the basics of blockchain, you most probably know that manipulating data on-chain requires gas which is money. But when you are using our application we provide you with gasless interactions that don't require you to have any funds in your wallet. Pretty cool right!

1.3 selecting your wallet

if you are new to blockchain tech, you will need to create your wallet with any supported provider


metamask is the most popular and flexible provider for creating a wallet. you can simply download their browser extension and create your account in just a few steps. Use this link to download the metamask browser extension or mobile application. You can also connect the metamask mobile app to pc with wallet connect (which is stated below). But we recommend the browser extension for the best practice if you are using a pc.


if you are not a tech fan, you can use a provider like fortmatic which allows you to create a wallet by just adding your email address. And also there is nothing to download before use, just select the fortmatic option from the register page.


If you are familiar with coinbase, you can use this option too, but won't recommend this if you never have used coinbase. You can also, connect the coinbase mobile app with wallet connect if you are using a pc.

wallet connect

use wallet connects if you want to connect to coinbase or the metamask mobile app with your pc. If you have your wallet downloaded into your mobile device just select the wallet to connect option from the register page and scan the QR code displayed on the pc screen from your mobile app

If you are trying to register from a mobile device,
You will have the metamask, fortmatic, and coinbase options. For metamask and coinbase you will have to download their mobile apps and no download is required for Formatic. And the rest is the same as the pc.

1.4 selecting the network

by default, Ethereum is selected, But you can select any network you prefer from the given options. if you are new leave it as it is and we will add any network for you if needed. Choosing the network does matter if you are here to create an account. You will have to switch to the Matic network if you are changing any sensitive information in your event (which we will switch for you).

2. Creating a page with Szeeta

1.1 Basic information

The first step is to add the basic information about your event. The title you enter will be used as the slug for your event's URL example: If the title is pizzaparty, the URL will be http://szeeta/pizzaparty Any information your enter in this step can be edited by you and will not need a signature verification

1.2 Contribution settings

Selecting networks

By selecting the networks you allow your contributors to contribute from their favorite network. Unless you have a specific reason to disallow any network, we recommend you allow all networks for a larger reach

Allowing token(ERC20) contributions

By selecting this you allow users to contribute with ERC20 tokens like USDT, USDC, and LINK. Also for this, if you do not have a specific reason to disallow tokens, we recommend allowing this.

Adding the receiving address

This is VERY IMPORTANT because this is the address where you will receive funds. Szeeta will not allow adding contract addresses as receiving addresses considering security issues and unpredictable gas fees for the contributors. And also make sure the address you add supports the specific network. Refer this to get more information regarding receiving addresses. You can always change the receiving address by verifying your ownership through the signature process.


You can re-check your provided information and create your event for free.

1.3 Receiving funds

You will receive funds instantaneously when a contribution takes place, and will not have to withdraw any funds manually. Also, contributions are recorded in USD where the price is converted considering the price of the cryptocurrency or token at the time of contribution

1.4 Integrating the NFT reward system and adding links

Adding links can be done after creating the page from the page settings. Adding links requires the URL and a name for the card. All links will appear as clickable cards on the landing page.

NFT rewards can also be enabled in just a few clicks. Get all the required information from here.

1.5 Managing the page

You can view all the information on your created events from the dashboard. You can navigate to the dashboard by clicking your profile image/ avatar and selecting dashboard from the dropdown. You can select any event and edit them as you prefer.

1.6 Fee

Szeeta will be charging you only 1% of your contributions and no upfront fees for creating a page.

3. User contribution rewards

As a user, you can get rewarded by szeeta for your contribution and for achieving certain milestones. Learn more about it from here.

For any additional information contact us.